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Welcome to a brief history of the B.C.E.R.  This site was spawned out of the many requests I received on the Transit Museum Society site for more information and things such as maps of the original system.

This site is still under heavy construction.  I will try to add things as quickly as possible, but not having a scanner, and the only scanner I do have access to being a hand held device makes things difficult.  It being hand held is why many of the maps was kind of wavy.... =)

I'm always open to suggestions, additions, photos, or write-ups which people might want to submit.  The more people who make additions, the bigger and better this site will become. =)

Much, if not all, of the information, maps, and pictures on the site were taken with permission from "The Story of the B.C. Electric Railway Company" by Henry Ewert (Whitecap Books, 1986)

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